What You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers play a very important role in the daily operations in an industry. They are at the center of the heating system in any industry. If a boiler malfunctions, it can paralyze all the operations in an industry until it is repaired or replaced. A malfunctioning boiler can cost your business a big deal if it is not attended to immediately. Therefore, when purchasing an industrial boiler, it is important to get the right boiler, at the right price and for use inappropriate operations. There are many industrial boilers manufacturers who make boilers of different models, sizes and for use in different industrial applications. So, how do you determine the best boiler to purchase for your industrial operations? Here is a simple guideline to enable you to choose the best boiler for your industrial operations.

Boiler type/design

Fire tube boilers, firebox boilers, and water tube boilers are the three main types of industrial boilers. Each of these boilers is designed to serve a specific purpose. You can customize these boilers with either heat sinks or heat transfer enhancements to increase their efficiency and functionality.

Fire tube boilers

They are the cheapest of the three boilers. These boilers can be used for high-pressure steam applications, hot water applications, and low-pressure steam applications. They are most suitable for applications that range from 50 up to 2,000 horsepower. Fire tube boilers utilize a cylindrical vessel where the burning elements are inside the tubes and the flame is in the furnace.

Water tube boilers

Water tube boilers, on the other hand, produce steam or hot water and they are commonly used for industrial or commercial applications. They are the most expensive of the three types of boilers. Water tube boilers are not only expensive, but they are also difficult to clean and maintain. They are suitable for use in large industries because they produce the most steam and a huge amount of heat.

Fuel used by the industrial boiler

While purchasing an industrial boiler, it is also important to pay attention to the type of fuel used by your industrial boiler. Propane gas, coal, natural gas, coal, oil, and electricity are the main elements used to power industrial boilers. Boilers running on electricity are the most expensive to maintain since the cost of electricity in most of the places is usually high. On the other hand, boilers running on coal and oil may produce wastes that impact negatively on the environment. Therefore, it is important to choose an industrial boiler that runs on an affordable and environmentally friendly source of energy such as natural gas, steam, or even propane gas.

Additional features on the boiler

Boilers are not created equal. Some industrial boilers come with added features that enhance their functionality. For instance, some industrial boilers have de-aerators which are used to remove excess oxygen from the water. Other industrial boilers have safety valves, economizers, and superheaters.

Never rush into buying an industrial boiler from unknown manufacturers. Industrial boilers are a huge investment for any business and therefore they should be treated as such. You cannot risk wasting your money on an inefficient boiler or one that doesn’t serve the needs of your business.