Laser Cutting Dayton, Oh Service

Ok, so are we in need of laser cutting Dayton Oh services for an important project with a critical deadline? Wood, titanium, steel, glass, silicon, plastic, these materials are all usually accepted for cutting at your favorite laser cutting company. Not only is the actual cutting of such materials administered, but laser marking, engraving and drilling services are included as well. With a quality and expert laser beam fabrication service, you are minimizing the possibilities of wasting valuable material by getting precise laser applications that can produce accurate results. Laser cutting services has been the choice for the automotive, electronic, medical, construction and aerospace industries for many, many years and the buck didn’t stop in the past.

Getting to know the laser cutting processes
There are many types of laser cutting processes on the market today. There is the crystal laser cutting process, which uses a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers [uses Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 crystals for cutting]; There is the CO2 laser cutting process that uses a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers [uses a gas laser for cutting] and there is the fiber laser cutting process that uses a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers [ yep, uses a fiber laser]. The two most popular processes are the CO2 laser, which will produce a high quality consistently throughout its cutting and is flexible for using with various material thicknesses, and the fiber laser, which will produce a much faster process. Many companies choose CO2 over fiber because it is the most versatile. A commonly used model in the metal fabrication industry for the CO2 laser process is the Cincinnati CL-850 Precision Laser.

What are some of the exact pieces within various industries that laser cutting technology is used on?
Ok, well, we are aware of which industries utilize laser cutting services. But, within these industries, the professionals use several items to do their job. Which items may have needed laser cutting services? [This list will be short, just to give you an idea on the versatility of laser cutting services]. In the aerospace industry, laser cutting has helped fabricate gaskets, circuit boards, nozzles, etc.; in the medical industry the list includes: catheter holes, gas flow orifices, hypo-tubes, etc.; automotive: engine cradles, roofs, gaskets, etc.; construction: sinks, counter tops, roof cladding, etc., the list does go on and laser cutting technology is a winner. As these pieces are fabricated to best service the clients, customers and patients of the world, we can only hope that the right laser cutting service is selected, as cost and deadlines are critical and mistakes and expensive services are what we tend to move on the opposite end of.

Choosing a Quality Laser Cutting Specialist.
Well, in this instance you want a company that is of quality, of course, but also affordable. Yes, these are aspects that we seek all the time, but to help narrow down our criteria, you want a company with a proven history. If you can find a company that has been in business for over 40 years, chances are you have a laser cutting success. Not putting down the quality of those companies that are newer to the game, but 40 years says that a company knows what it is doing, it is trustworthy and is consistent with its quality delivery. A company with an excellent principal base can emit a light that customers can gravitate to and cherish for many years down the line. Find your gem.