2 Great Features Incorporated in Today’s Smart Home Automation Systems

The latest technologies have ushered in so many great innovations that people are using all over the globe today. Many of which are making astounding changes in the world of business including making sure that people can take full advantage of their mobile devices. It is also important to note that today’s manufacturers are not leaving any stone unturned when they are designing the latest technology for home security systems. Specifically, when they are creating all kinds of innovative features that help to make up smart home automation Norfolk VA solutions. So, to ensure today’s homeowners know what is available in the latest technologies, here are 2 great features that have been incorporated in many of the top smart home automation solutions.

Remote Access with the Use of a Smartphone

It is not uncommon for homeowners to spend a lot of their time away from their home. Specifically, since many professional today’s professional job positions are very demanding, and the need to work more hours during the night and the day has become a staple in many cases. With this in mind, many homeowners are preferring the peace of mind that comes along with having home automation systems that offer access to features like remote access. Remote access features are available today through the use of the homeowner’s smartphone. This access is beneficial for a number of different reasons and purposes, including activating and deactivating a home automation security from the office.

Also, for the most part, many people enjoy the convenience of these features whenever the need arises. For instance, if a family member does not have the appropriate security code to access the door via the keypad at the door, the homeowner can deactivate the alarm remotely in order to solve these issues immediately without delay.

Text Notifications and Emails Sent to Family Members

As previously stated, some people are simply not at their home today to monitor any security problems that may arise. Even though this may be true, people are still concerned about the safety of their property while they are away. So, they need a solution that can assist them in taking care of these issues and concerns. Fortunately, these home automation systems are equipped with a lot of beneficial features that can address these concerns quite easily. For instance, all the homeowner or a family member has to do is create an alert that will notify someone in the family whenever there is an intrusion, leaks, fire or smoke in the home. These alerts are sent via text directly to the person’s mobile device.


Smart home automation systems can be very beneficial to people who want the best technology to protect their property and their family. Two of the top essential features that many people love include remote access to the system from the office and text message that alert the family when there is fire or smoke in the home.